Reimagine Your Contact Center Success With The Power Of LLM

Leverage Mihup’s fine-tuned LLM to Maximize Engagement, Automate Key Processes, and Better Investigate Customer and Agent Behavior by Unlocking the True Intent Behind Every Conversation.

How Mihup LLM Makes a Difference to Your
Contact Center

Auto-detection of Dispositions
It acts as a real-time guardian angel for your agents, dynamically pinpointing crucial moments within conversations. This includes not only escalation points or buying signals but also a deeper understanding of the caller's intent. The LLM takes the guesswork out of understanding call intent and context by continuously analyzing the conversation flow. This empowers agents to tailor their approach in real time and optimize for successful conversions.
Auto Recommendation for Follow-up
The LLM doesn't stop at identifying key moments. Mihup's LLM automatically recommends personalized follow-up actions based on the conversation. This could involve suggesting specific next steps, crafting email templates for post-interaction communication, or reminding agents of outstanding tasks.
Auto Recommendation for Agent Coaching
The LLM acts as a virtual coach, analyzing conversations, identifying areas for improvement, and providing agents with personalized feedback. It then provides personalized training recommendations, empowering agents to continuously refine their communication skills and handle complex situations with greater confidence.
Detection of Customer Emotion
Going just beyond sentiments Mihup's LLM delves deeper than surface-level sentiment analysis. It understands the true intent behind customer inquiries and recognizes the emotional undertones of customer interactions, enabling agents to address concerns with greater empathy and understanding.
100% AI Scoring of Interactions
Mihup’s LLM takes the guesswork out of performance evaluation. Mihup's LLM provides objective, 100% AI-powered scoring of agent interactions, ensuring consistent and data-driven quality control and decisions. Now Powered by Advanced Large Language Model (LLM)

Mihup’s interaction analytics application, powered by its advanced and fine-tuned LLM, goes much deeper than just understanding the conversation. It analyses the nuances of conversation, grasping the true intent behind customer inquiries.

Mihup’s fine-tuned LLM excels in handling mixed-language Speech-to-text (STT) outputs, catering to the diverse languages of India, not like LLM 4 and other models that typically support STT in a single language.

Mihup’s fine-tuned LLM empowers agents to rightly act on customer needs, navigate complex conversations with ease, and ultimately close every interaction with a satisfied smile. This isn’t just another gimmick. It’s a game-changer, specifically designed for your contact centers.

Why’s Contact Center LLM is Your
Ultimate Tool for Success

Why’s Contact Center LLM is Your Ultimate Tool for Success

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Get used to more satisfied customers

A deeper understanding of customer needs and emotions leads to more personalized and effective interactions, fostering lasting customer loyalty.

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Make every agent your rockstar agent

Real-time guidance and insightful coaching empower agents to excel, maximizing their efficiency and effectiveness.

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Become an optimisation ninja

Auto-detection of key moments and AI-powered scoring streamline workflows and optimize resource allocation.

Ready to unleash the transformative potential of Mihup’s advanced LLM in your contact center?

By leveraging Mihup’s fine-tuned LLM, your contact center can transform the way it interacts with customers, leading to higher conversions, happier customers, and a more confident and empowered workforce.

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