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Decoding the True Voice of Customers with Conversation AI

Conversation AI

If you have experienced frustration due to the inability of customer service representatives to understand and effectively respond to your query quickly, you are not alone. This is a problem faced by scores of people every day, even while dealing with some of the biggest organizations. All over the world, a lot of business is lost by companies simply because they fail to provide a swift and helpful response to their customers.

Frustrated with customer support? Conversation AI is on the way

It is this universal problem the duo of Tapan and Biplab from Kolkata set out to solve for good. They founded Mihup in 2016, and it has emerged as a leading voice intelligence company. It empowers humans to achieve superior business outcomes through Conversational AI.

 Effective customer service is a direct outcome of efficient customer understanding. Despite humongous customer interaction data lying in silos as call recordings and chat transcripts, most customer service departments fail to decode the real voice of the customer. In today’s omnichannel operations, the volumes of data generated by different communication channels can be overwhelming for any organization. Typically, less than 5% of the conversational data ever gets analyzed.

Can you accurately understand the customers without listening to over 95% of whatever is being said?

It is this lack of this contextual understanding that leads to poor customer experiences. As a collaborative technology partner, Mihup Agent Assist solution helps institutions overcome this challenge through Conversational AI.

 The solution presents actionable insights to agents in real-time during customer interactions which helps them to have a more meaningful conversation with customers resulting in multiple successful business outcomes like superior customer experience. Mihup Agent Assist today can understand and support 5+ languages like English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil, and Marathi. Overall, the benefits of the solution have resulted in:

  • Improvement in customer satisfaction and retention
  • Increase in sales conversion
  • Reduction in call handling times, thereby increasing agent performance
  • Higher cross-selling and up-selling opportunities
  • Better compliance


Firms love Mihup Agent Assist, as they can now delight in a large customer base in a simple yet effective way. There is more to Mihup. As a voice intelligence company, Mihup’s ultimate vision is to build an ecosystem where humans and machines seamlessly work in tandem by harnessing the power of voice to solve real-world challenges conveniently.

Making the banking journey smooth

In terms of banking, if voice commands can get tasks done, then why should there be a need to do multiple and repetitive tasks for banking?

 To find the answer to this question, HSBC crafted an ideal solution called HSBCNet. Taking care of the majority of any organization’s payouts, such as salaries, taxes, expenses, etc., in a seamlessly integrated manner, the HSBCNet has now become an award-winning one-stop platform. The multi-national corporation-style operations at HSBC helped Mihup through seamless international remittance and regulatory support, freeing Mihup to dedicate its time to the core business.

 According to Tapan and Biplab, “Mihup’s objective is to empower people by making technology inclusive. Earlier, the voice of the customer only meant customer feedback. For us, it is also how anyone can get things done effortlessly. HSBC shares the same vision. They have made banking seamless through simple yet effective technology solutions. In our continuous efforts to simplify the way people communicate with companies, we look forward to working with HSBC in the long run.”

 Prakash Jaiswal, Managing Director and Country Head- Business Banking (MSME), says, “The way we interact with brands has undergone a tectonic shift. In this evolving landscape, Mihup’s innovative solutions built over something as natural as our voice is exemplary. We value our association with Mihup and will continue to partner with them in their journey.”

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