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Are you ready to take your banking business to the next level? In today’s competitive market, customer data is your most valuable asset, and speech analytics is the key to unlocking its full potential. Our Speech Analytics product provides you with advanced features, including customizable analytics dashboard, real-time monitoring, sentiment analysis, and automated call categorization, to help you gain valuable insights from customer interactions and optimize your operations.





Reduction in
customer effort


Reduction in agent
onboarding time




Increase in sales
quantity score


Increase in
revenue growth

Elevate Customer
Experience with Mihup

Say goodbye to time-consuming and difficult data analysis and hello to a streamlined and efficient process that will give you an edge over your competitors. Experience the power of our Speech Analytics solution with advanced features to provide a superior banking experience that sets you apart.
Get valuable insights with Mihup Speech Analytics for improved banking customer acquisition and onboarding. Analyze 100% of interactions to tailor products, improve satisfaction, and identify areas for improvement.
Maintaining strong relationships with customers is essential for banks to stay competitive in today’s market. Mihup Speech Analytics helps banks achieve this by providing valuable insights from customer interactions that can inform personalized engagement strategies.
Mihup’s advanced Speech Analytics platform detects potential compliance issues in real-time, helping banks stay compliant and mitigate the risk of legal issues and penalties. Gain insights into agent performance and training needs to continuously improve compliance processes and customer experience.
Mihup Speech Analytics also helps banks in effective escalations management by providing real-time insights into customer conversations and identifying the root cause of issues.

Powerful Speech Analytics Features for Banking Operations

Our advanced speech recognition technology accurately captures and transcribes every customer interaction, providing you with valuable data-driven insights to optimize your banking operations.
With our highly customizable analytics dashboard, you can easily track and analyze critical metrics like customer churn rate and transaction volume, helping you identify trends and make informed decisions for your banking business.
Our sentiment analysis feature provides you with deep insights into the emotions and needs of your banking customers, enabling you to personalize your banking services and strengthen customer loyalty.
Our real-time monitoring feature allows you to keep a pulse on your banking operations, enabling you to respond to customer needs and issues as they arise and ensuring a seamless banking experience.
Our automated call categorization feature saves your banking team valuable time and resources by automatically categorizing customer interactions according to their banking needs, ensuring that your team can focus on providing a world-class banking experience.

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