Transforming Quality Audits in Contact Centers

Transforming Quality Audits in Contact Centers


Welcome to a new era of efficient Quality Audits! We’re thrilled to announce the launch of our latest feature, the Enhanced Audit Assignment System, designed to reshape the audit workflow. Our smart audit assignment feature allows Team Leads to easily assign interactions for audits in just one click, thus simplifying the audit process and allowing more time for in-depth analysis.

Overview: A Smarter Approach to QA

Our Enhanced Audit Assignment System transforms the process of assigning calls to the Quality Auditor (QA) during the Quality Audit process.

Once interactions earmarked for auditing are selected by Team Leaders (TLs), they can effortlessly allocate them to the respective QA team members through the dashboard.

Auditors receive immediate notifications for their assigned calls, streamlining the auditing process. Following the audit, the agent receives a notification about the completion of an audit of his calls and he can view the result and accept or dispute it, as the case may be.

This marks a significant enhancement in the audit workflow, resulting in time-saving.

Moreover, it eliminates the necessity for other tools and worksheets, streamlining the overall process for efficiency.

Mihup empowers QA managers and Team Leaders with a user-friendly interface and efficient assignment feature to simplify the audit process, making it a time-saving and straightforward yet efficient experience.

How it Works?

Why the Upgrade?

This upgrade is driven by our unwavering commitment to achieving unparalleled excellence in our services. In response to a recognized need for an elevated audit workflow, we have developed the Enhanced Audit Assignment System. This feature is meticulously engineered to not only streamline processes but also ensure that every Quality Assurance (QA) endeavor is not just efficient but profoundly impactful.

The Enhanced Audit Assignment System is designed to bring about several improvements, including:

Efficient Audit Workflow

The system is tailored to optimize the audit workflow, ensuring a seamless and efficient process from assignment to completion.

Managerial Time Savings

With simplified call assignment processes, QA managers experience significant time savings. This allows them to focus on more strategic aspects of their role, contributing to better overall management efficiency.

Clear Assignment Transparency

The system eliminates any confusion regarding assigned audits. Managers can easily track and manage assigned tasks, promoting a transparent and organized audit process.

Quick Completion of Audits

The streamlined processes facilitated by the Enhanced Audit Assignment System enable QA teams to complete audits more swiftly. This not only saves time but also contributes to a more responsive and agile QA operation.

Actionable Insights

By simplifying the call assignment process, the system empowers QA teams to spend more time on the analytics provided by the application and implementation of actions to improve interactions. This shift towards a more strategic focus enhances the overall impact of QA efforts.

Future Improvements: A Glimpse into What’s Next

Our commitment to excellence doesn’t end here. We have exciting plans for the future, including the introduction of an Auto Assign feature. This feature is designed to streamline the assignment process for Quality Audit by automating recurring assignments. This minimizes the manual effort required for call audits and includes the added convenience of daily digest emails sent to both Quality Assurance (QA) staff and QA managers.

The Enhanced Audit Assignment System marks a significant leap forward in our commitment to delivering unparalleled QA solutions. We’re confident that this feature will not only transform the way you approach audits but will also elevate your overall customer interactions. Embrace the future of QA with us and stay tuned for more innovations on the horizon!

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