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Contact Center businesses are an ever-growing industry. Even with the uptake of self-service options for customers, contact centers are in demand as there are boundaries to their effectiveness. According to Gartner’s study, approximately 70%, attempt to utilize self-service during their issue resolution journey but only 9% of calls are wholly resolved through self-service, the majority of customers, around 81%, still prefer to communicate with an agent when it comes to complicated issues.

As contact centers continue to evolve, the need for real-time agent-assist solutions is becoming increasingly apparent. 

Contact centers are tasked with handling an ever-increasing volume of inquiries and support requests from customers, and providing efficient and effective customer service is crucial for maintaining customer satisfaction and loyalty. Real-time agent-assist solutions can provide contact center agents with the tools they need to improve their performance, increase productivity, and enhance customer satisfaction. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of real-time agent-assist solutions for contact centers. These solutions provide agents with access to relevant information, prompts, and suggestions that can help them to respond to customer inquiries more effectively. 

One of the key advantages of implementing real-time agent-assist solutions is the ability to deliver more personalized service to customers. By providing agents with access to valuable customer information, such as previous interactions and purchase history, these solutions enable agents to tailor their responses according to each customer’s unique needs and preferences. This level of personalization can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and foster loyalty, as customers feel valued and understood by the contact center.

Moreover, real-time agent-assist solutions contribute to improved agent performance. By equipping agents with real-time prompts and suggestions based on the context of the customer interaction, these solutions help agents provide accurate and timely responses. This eliminates the need for agents to search for information, reducing response times and enhancing overall efficiency. As a result, agents can handle a larger volume of inquiries and support requests, leading to increased productivity for the contact center as a whole.

Additionally, real-time agent-assist solutions promote consistency in customer service delivery. With access to standardized information and guidance, agents can provide a uniform experience to customers, ensuring that key details are not overlooked or misrepresented. Consistency is crucial in building trust and credibility with customers, and it strengthens the overall brand reputation of the contact center.

In conclusion, real-time agent-assist solutions offer numerous advantages for contact centers. By providing agents with instant access to relevant information, personalized prompts, and suggestions, these solutions enable agents to deliver exceptional customer service. The result is increased customer satisfaction, improved agent performance, enhanced productivity, and ultimately, stronger customer loyalty.

Mihup’s Real-time Agent-Assist solution can transform your contact center operations by empowering your agents to deliver better customer service. With RTAA, agents can quickly identify and understand customer needs, offer personalized solutions, and capitalize on cross-selling and upselling opportunities. Mihup’s Real-time Agent-Assist solution can also simplify agent tasks, increase productivity, and offer real-time cues to help agents meet their key performance indicators (KPIs).

By providing agents with real-time cues and guidance, Mihup’s Real-time Agent-Assist solution can significantly improve their performance, resulting in faster issue resolution and higher customer satisfaction rates. Additionally, this tool can help agents identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities, which can increase sales and customer retention.

With the Real-Time Agent-Assist solution, contact centers can stay ahead of the curve and enhance their operations.

The top product features include:

Agent Cues 

Mihup’s Real-time Agent-Assist solution empowers team leads by enabling them to set customized real-time cues that cater to various scenarios. These cues are tailored to address specific areas of improvement for individual agents, as well as provide guidance for new joiners, successful sales interactions, objection handling, and more. With this solution, team leads have the flexibility to create cues that prompt agents with relevant information and suggested actions during customer interactions. By leveraging Mihup’s range of cues, agents are equipped to generate desirable responses, leading to enhanced performance, increased customer satisfaction, and improved overall contact center efficiency.


Note Taking and Bookmarking

Mihup’s Real-time Agent-Assist solution offers a seamless way for contact center agents to take quick notes through live transcriptions. This convenient feature enables agents to capture important details during customer interactions without the need for manual note-taking. The solution’s bookmarking capability further enhances productivity by allowing agents to revisit specific notes later or share them with their managers. By eliminating the need to listen to the entire conversation, agents can directly navigate to the crucial parts of the call, saving time and ensuring efficient call handling. Mihup’s Real-time Agent-Assist solution streamlines note-taking processes, improves information retention, and facilitates effective communication within the contact center environment.


Call Summary

Mihup’s Real-time Agent-Assist solution offers a remarkable feature that presents the entire conversation as a concise snippet. This eliminates the burden of manual call summarization for agents, allowing them to focus on other essential tasks. Agents can conveniently view, add, or edit specific parts of the summary, which is then seamlessly integrated into the customer relationship management (CRM) system. By automating this process, after-call work is significantly reduced, enhancing the overall experience for agents and improving their retention rates. With this time-saving capability, agents can dedicate more attention to providing quality customer service, resulting in heightened productivity and satisfaction within the contact center environment.


Integrated CRM and KMS

Mihup’s Real-time Agent-Assist solution seamlessly integrates with your Content Management System (CMS), enabling automatic retrieval of data from Knowledge Management Systems (KMS) or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. This integration allows the solution to display relevant information during customer calls. For instance, it can automatically fetch customer data, providing agents with insights on the next best step. Additionally, agents can utilize the search feature within the console to retrieve essential product information and frequently asked questions (FAQs). This integration streamlines access to critical data, empowering agents to deliver more informed and efficient customer service.


Task Automation

Mihup’s Real-time Agent-Assist solution incorporates Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate tedious tasks like updating call summaries, comments, scheduling, broadcasting, and messages. By automating these mundane activities, agents are freed from administrative burdens, allowing them to concentrate on enhancing the customer experience and improving Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This automation streamlines workflows, increases efficiency, and enables agents to devote more time and attention to delivering exceptional customer service.

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, Mihup’s Real-time Agent-Assist solution also offers several other useful features. These include AI-suggested responses, real-time coaching and reinforcement, hand-raising and live assistance, guided workflows, autofill checklists, real-time redaction, and real-time transcription.

The AI-suggested responses feature can help agents quickly craft effective responses to customer queries. The real-time coaching and reinforcement feature can provide agents with real-time feedback on their interactions, allowing them to improve their performance. The hand-raising and live assistance feature enables agents to request help from supervisors or subject matter experts when required. Guided workflows and autofill checklists can help agents navigate through complex processes or transactions efficiently. Real-time redaction ensures that sensitive or confidential information is protected in real-time. Finally, real-time transcription can accurately capture and record all customer interactions, which can be used for future reference or quality assurance purposes.

Mihup’s Real-time Agent-Assist solution can have a significant impact on contact center operations. By implementing this solution, contact centers can achieve a 20% increase in sales conversion, save approximately 5 hours per week through automation, and witness a 25% faster agent onboarding process.
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