Conversation Intelligence for 2023! Part 2

Conversation Intelligence

Why consider Conversation Intelligence Software?

Here are three key benefits of a conversation intelligence tool:

Personalized performance insights

A conversation intelligence tool provides valuable insights into your sales reps’ performance during calls, enabling you to identify areas for improvement. It offers individual deal and meeting insights that highlight the quality of each rep’s calls, the most successful ones, and the level of prospect engagement.

By analyzing multiple calls, the tool identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each rep, allowing you to establish benchmarks such as talk ratios for your top-performing reps. It also facilitates monitoring of individual growth and progress over time. This information becomes instrumental in tailoring training programs for each rep and addressing performance issues when necessary.

With the assistance of meeting insights, you can guide your reps toward delivering better demos, enhancing problem-solving skills, and improving follow-up interactions. The tool empowers you to fine-tune their approach and maximize their effectiveness in various aspects of the sales process. 

Boost revenue

A conversation intelligence tool enhances revenue generation through two key mechanisms. Firstly, it provides a significant time-saving advantage. Without conversation intelligence, there is an opportunity cost involved. You either invest in the tool itself or spend valuable time manually analyzing conversations. By utilizing the tool, you reclaim your time and allocate it towards more productive activities.

Secondly, a conversation intelligence tool allows you to identify commonalities among closed-won opportunities, enabling you to capitalize on them. By analyzing the deals with the highest levels of engagement and positive sentiment, you gain valuable insights into where to focus your efforts and prioritize your time effectively. This helps you make informed decisions about allocating resources, ensuring that you maximize your chances of success while avoiding potential pitfalls.

Improves buyer experience

Nobody enjoys the frustration of repeating themselves, especially when being transferred between multiple customer care agents during a phone call to resolve an issue. 

Conversation intelligence software eliminates the need for buyers to reiterate their concerns and for reps to struggle with deciphering their own notes. The tool automatically transcribes the call and highlights key topics, both positive and negative, ensuring important information is captured accurately. By leveraging this technology, your reps can enhance their preparedness for future calls. This leads to improved follow-ups and ultimately increases your win rate. 

What makes the Perfect Conversation Intelligence Software?

Emotional Insights

Buying decisions are rarely driven solely by data. If that were the case, every company utilizing data analytics would be immensely successful. While logical factors like features, cost, and ROI influence B2B buyers, their decisions are also influenced by emotions and intuition. People tend to follow their instincts and rely on how they feel about a product or service. In fact, research from the University of South California reveals that emotional ad campaigns outperform those based purely on rational content, with a 31% success rate versus 16%.

When conducting sales over video and screen sharing, it becomes challenging to gauge the room and read non-verbal cues, such as raised eyebrows or facial expressions. These cues provide valuable insights into how buyers perceive messaging, presentation skills, and sales content. This is why an ideal conversation intelligence tool should do more than just analyze conversations; it should measure emotional aspects like buyer sentiment, engagement, and seller emotional intelligence (EQ).

Buyer sentiment reflects the positive or negative emotions displayed by a buyer, while buyer engagement indicates their level of interest and attention. Seller EQ encompasses emotional understanding, social awareness, and empathy exhibited by the seller, including aspects like sharing of voice, hesitation, politeness, and empathy. By picking up on these cues and key moments, sales teams can identify friction points, course-correct as needed, and enhance overall sales performance.

While many sales teams rely on lagging indicators such as buyer activity data, incorporating leading indicators like buyer engagement and sentiment data facilitates smoother selling processes. Emotion plays a significant role in driving action. Sales representatives who leverage soft skills and emotional intelligence (EQ) to foster high buyer engagement and positive sentiment naturally achieve greater success compared to those who adopt a hard-selling approach. Buyers prefer authentic interactions rather than feeling pressured to make a purchase.

Richard Harris, a sales expert, emphasizes the importance of soft skills in handling objections and building relationships. Listening is a key skill that enables reps to genuinely understand customer concerns. Instead of attempting to overcome objections forcefully, reps should embrace objections and engage in meaningful conversations. By showing empathy and addressing buyer challenges, reps can build rapport and increase the likelihood of success.

The most effective conversation intelligence tool provides insights into the performance of soft skills and EQ, empowering sellers to continuously improve and excel in their interactions.

Meeting insights (including real-time insights)

Having a comprehensive understanding of every meeting is crucial. It’s essential to have access to actionable insights both during and after the call. Without real-time insights, sales representatives may struggle to identify disengaged members of the buying team who require re-engagement, especially when conducting sales over video and lacking non-verbal cues.

While basic conversation intelligence tools offer talk ratio and keyword analysis, meeting insights should go beyond these standard features. The ideal conversation intelligence (CI) tool provides the following meeting insights:

  • Prospect Engagement and Positivity: It measures how engaged and positive prospects are feeling during the conversation. This helps assess their level of interest and overall sentiment.
  • Seller Empathy and Self-awareness: It evaluates the level of empathy and self-awareness demonstrated by the sellers. This insight is valuable in understanding how sellers are perceived by buyers.

By utilizing a conversation intelligence tool that highlights any decline in buyer sentiment or engagement, sales representatives can quickly adjust their approach to reengage the buyers effectively. Furthermore, reviewing the sales call from the buyer’s perspective, with a focus on emotional responses, allows for a comprehensive assessment of key moments, their positivity or negativity, and the overall trend of buyer sentiment throughout the call. This enables the identification of key areas of confusion or objections, detection of disengagement from decision-makers, and evaluation of whether sellers demonstrated adequate empathy.

Deal insights

In addition to providing individual call insights, transcripts, and recordings, it is essential to have a tool that offers insights into the overall deal. This includes assessing whether the deal is progressing towards closure or at risk. Additionally, gaining insights on leading emotional indicators across all deals is crucial.

Deal insights play a pivotal role in improving sales performance in several ways, including:

  • Enhanced Sales Forecasting: Engaged and positively inclined buyers are more likely to make a purchase, whereas disengaged or negative buyers may not. Understanding buyer sentiment and engagement across all deals can contribute to building a more accurate sales forecast.
  • Effective Sales Coaching: Deal insights help identify sales best practices that can be scaled through sales coaching. By analyzing engagement trends, successful messaging, presentation skills, and impactful content that led to positive buyer outcomes, sales managers can pinpoint strategies employed by top performers. A robust conversation intelligence tool not only reveals these insights but also facilitates the creation of a shareable best practices checklist with a simple click.
  • Improved Sales Enablement: Deal insights inform better training and content development for sales enablement professionals. By identifying key moments, top areas of confusion, and positive reactions across meetings, sales enablement teams can create tailored materials that equip sales reps with the most effective resources to secure wins.

By leveraging deal insights, sales teams can enhance their sales forecasting accuracy, optimize sales coaching strategies, and develop impactful sales enablement materials. This holistic approach ensures that sales efforts are aligned with buyer expectations, leading to improved overall sales performance.

CRM integration (and integration with your other systems)

The ideal conversation intelligence tool should integrate smoothly with your CRM, going beyond data extraction and enabling data writing back to enhance activity capture and intelligence within your system of record.

However, it shouldn’t stop there. It is crucial to select a solution that seamlessly integrates with your other systems such as video conferencing, calendar, and email. Moreover, considering that hybrid teams often utilize multiple video conferencing platforms like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Webex based on buyer preferences, it becomes essential to ensure that the chosen conversation intelligence solution can support all these integrations within a single instance.


Having accurate transcriptions is crucial, as it allows us to focus on the call rather than worry about note-taking or relying on memory. The quality of the transcription is what truly matters.

An ideal conversation intelligence tool should have the ability to clearly distinguish speakers, which becomes especially important when dealing with buying teams that are large or hybrid sales calls where some buyers are physically present while others join remotely via video conferencing tools like Zoom.

Furthermore, the perfect conversation intelligence tool should make transcriptions and recordings easily editable, shareable, and storable. This way, both sales representatives and leaders can utilize it as a valuable resource for reference and further development.

The Perfect Tool Today

For decades, businesses have relied on manual after-call work as a fundamental part of their operations. However, the advent of conversation intelligence has transformed this landscape, offering scalability and increased efficiency to sales operations.

While operational efficiency is undoubtedly crucial, the ideal tool goes beyond that. It must provide a continuous pulse on your buyers, allowing you to gauge their level of engagement, positivity, and active participation throughout the sales process.

By accurately measuring these critical metrics and offering valuable insights, such a tool becomes a true asset. It empowers you to understand the pulse of your buyers, enabling you to make informed decisions and take proactive steps to optimize your sales strategy.

In essence, finding a tool that can successfully deliver these capabilities is like discovering a treasure trove of opportunities. It equips you with the valuable insights necessary to foster stronger buyer relationships, enhance sales performance, and achieve long-term success in your sales endeavors.

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